Dish Network 1000.3 Satellite Dish HD


Key Features:

  • Receives signal from satellites 61.5°, and 72.7°
  • Carries the latest High Definition programming
  • Supports up to 3 receivers (hopper or wally only)

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Dish Network Satellite Dish Kit

1000.3 Eastern Arc HD Antenna

The DISH 1000.3 provides reception from the 72.7 and 61.5 DBS orbital locations, using a dish antenna size similar to a DISH 1000. This allows for the connection of up to three receivers and a second dish for a fourth orbital location. The Dish Network DPH Eastern Arc Twin LNB is only designed for Eastern Arc installations. For Hopper 3 or Wally installs only.

Key Features

  • Simplify installation by reducing the amount of cable and connectors needed
  • Includes an LNB input port for connection of a second dish to receive signal from a fourth orbital location
  • Includes mounting hardware and LNBS
  • Supports future models of DISH receivers with increased performance and features

What’s included:

  • Satellite dish reflector & arm
  • Reflector mount
  • Back assembly unit
  • Hardware bag
  • J-mount –
  • Eastern Arc Twin


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